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Promoting professionalism and integrity in the security industry.

At we recognise the security industry in Australia needs an overhaul.

Illiterate and untrained workers, exploitative labour-hire arrangements, and unscrupulous companies have flooded the market, undermining the standards and rights security workers are entitled to.

We endorse a nationally harmonised licensing system, supported by truly national training standards, to ease the barriers on working between states.  Presently workers may be required to hold licensing in more than one state, potentially running into thousands of dollars at a time.  A significant impact on workers within one of Australia's lowest paid industries.

We seek to promote professionalism in the industry and recognise companies which work to improve worker standards, while reporting on instances where companies are found in non-compliance with required standards.  We support positive initiatives such as contracted minimum standards for subcontracting and labour-hire arrangements such as those seen in the recent Commonwealth Games MEEBA.  

United Voice, the union for security workers, developed and promotes the Safeguard Code of Conduct.  While endorsing the aims of this initiative, unfortunately this standard is not freely available and has only been endorsed by two companies, G4S and Wilson Security, leaving a majority of workers unprotected. (see more)

The “peak body for security professionals” is a registered EMPLOYER organisation whose core accountability is to corporate members, that is employers, not individual workers.  Nonetheless they entered into a MoU (now expired) with Fair Work to “work together to improve compliance with Commonwealth workplace laws.”  We endorse extended efforts to promote and ensure compliance with these laws. (see more)

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